Rich T.

I can't afford health insurance and wanted to write you because Healthpoint Plus has helped me tremendously. I was able to get my son's ear infection diagnosed via Teladoc, medication was prescribed to my local Walgreen's and I ended up saving $51 by showing my card. Thank you so much for restoring my hope in healthcare!

Robin M.

You guys should do a referral program or something! I can't stop talking about my membership ever since I realized how much it had been taking off my monthly prescriptions between my husband and I, even on top of our insurance's coverage. It is truly nuts what some of these companies charge for certain medications so every bit helps.

Bill H.

Between my kids and our dental visits, we end up hurting when the family needs to visit and sticker shock sets in. My insurance stops covering costs after the first $1000 each year which leaves us in a tough spot even for routine cleanings and fillings. A friend had recommended this membership earlier in the year  and I was able to save $2200 this year using our membership and dental plan through HealthPoint Plus, and it's now an invaluable tool for our family's health (and savings!!). Thanks again!

Michelle L.

I was quoted $1700 for a root canal even with my dental insurance. I was surprised to find that my HealthPoint Plus membership cut it down to $675! I couldn't believe it - count me in as a member for life.

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