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With subscription-based telehealth from HealthPoint Plus, members get access to world class doctors 24 hours a day  -  anytime & anywhere

Why Telehealth?

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Saves Money

Average Cost of a Single Visit:

          • ER -                  $1500.00
          • Urgent Care -   $250.00
          • Doctor Office - $150.00

Average Annual HPP Subscription - $120.00

Saves Time

Average Wait Times for Traditional Care:

        • Doctor Appointment - 3 Weeks
        • ER -                              4 Hours
        • Urgent Care -               1 Hour

             Average Wait for HPP Video Call - 10 Minutes

Eliminates Hassles

Traditional Options Require You To:

          • Leave work to see the doctor
          • Sit in the ER overnight
          • Sit in a germy waiting room

HPP - Lets you call from your couch or the office

What We Do

We bring the doctor to the home or office

With telehealth from HealthPoint Plus, members get access to world class doctors anytime & anywhere - whether they have insurance or not!

Deliver care via a convenient subscription plan

  • Simple, low cost monthly plan
  • Covers the entire family
  • Unlimited usage
  • No fee per call
  • No need to coordinate with insurance

The HPP Telehealth Difference

The Telehealth Status Quo

  • Most telehealth is buried within a group’s plan
  • If members are aware of it, they aren't encouraged to use it
  • Average utilization of these programs hovers around 2%

How HPP is different from all other telehealth providers?

  • We want every member to use our service!
  • HPP campaigns tirelessly year-round to engage members
  • HPP's goal - 100% utilization!

The Telehealth Status Q

  • Typical programs include deductibles and copays/coinsurance
  • Each call negatively counts towards the plan's claims experience
  • Over utilization can actually drive group health premiums up!


  • There are no deductibles, copay or coinsurance with our calls
  • We are decoupled from the group plan so plan claim loses are reduced
  • More utilization of HPP may actually drive group health premiums down!

Mental Health Teletherapy
Now, more than ever, it's important to focus on mental health
Members can add an adult mental health subscription to their plan and reach mental health professionals right from the phone or computer.  Peace of mind for $0 per visit. Provides treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic disorder, grief, family & marriage issues, and more.

In addition, every telehealth subscriber receives:

Smart watch


FREE StepUp™ smart fitness watch
• Our fitness watch with blood pressure, heart rate monitoring and more…
• Built-in rewards program to earn HealthPoints™
• $150 value

Crypto currency icon

Annual HealthPoints™ Rewards
• Points awarded for each year of membership
• A fun way to reward health behavior through the StepUp watch
• Points can be redeemed in our online healthy Marketplace

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