StepUp to the next level of healthcare.

With subscription-based access to a comprehensive suite of telehealth products from HealthPoint Plus, members get access to world-class doctors 24x7x365  -  anytime and anywhere.


Pushing the boundaries of virtual care.

HealthPoint Plus takes telehealth to new heights. From anytime urgent care, therapy, and behavioral health services to provider-benefitting enhancements like real-time at-home testing devices, we offer care and healthcare systems via an innovative and affordable subscription model to organizations of all sizes. 

Premium telehealth for businesses of all sizes.


Offer premium telehealth that works whether or not you offer insurance.

Our services connect businesses and organizations of all sizes with telehealth services like 24-hour urgent care, live therapy and behavioral health services. Utilization doesn't affect your subscription cost, nor does it affect your existing insurance or its premiums.

Robust, discrete telehealth services. One low monthly subscription. 

StepUp Urgent Care 24/7/365
StepUp Therapy & Digital Therapy

StepUp HomeLab

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Why choose HealthPoint Plus?

No matter the size of your business or organization, telehealth can make things easier while saving money at the same time. Whether you offer health insurance or not, HealthPoint Plus works to save you money and provide robust benefits.

Works whether or not you offer insurance.

If you offer health insurance, adding HealthPoint Plus services alongside your offering will help reduce utilization and premiums, while offering rich, discrete telehealth services to your organization that are decoupled from your insurance and its premiums.

Cost Containment for Businesses

Self-insured employers

For self-insured employers, every healthcare dollar spent comes directly out of their pocket.

If we can re-direct just one brick & mortar visit, the savings more than pays for our subscription for the employee - for the entire year!

The more employees use our service, the more money employers save!

Small employers

For small employers who don’t provide insurance, HealthPoint Plus is an excellent low-cost benefit.

For those that do, plans often include high deductibles with an HRA plan - every HRA dollar spent comes directly out of the employer’s pocket.

The more our service is used, the less likely employees are to ever tap into HRA funds.

It’s a direct and measurable savings!

Real-time at-home connected diagnostics unlock new possibilities for diagnosis and treatment.


HomeLab is a suite of Bluetooth-connected devices transmits results to medical providers in real time, enabling a new level of telehealth services and diagnoses not previously possible. Deploy one or more of our devices for your organization today. 

Prototype shown.


Now deploying.


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