StepUp™ to the Next Level of Healthcare

With subscription-based access to a comprehensive suite of telehealth products from HealthPoint Plus, members get access to world class doctors 24 hours a day  -  anytime & anywhere

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StepUp Primary Care

Reimagined primary care from the home or office or anyplace with a phone or computer

StepUp Urgent Care

24/7 treatment for routine medical issues for the whole family

StepUp Therapy

Speak with a licensed therapist from the privacy of your home

StepUp Digital Therapy

Online and mobile tools to help members conquer day-to-day struggles

A Single Monthly Subscription

We bring the doctor to the home or office

With telehealth from HealthPoint Plus, members get access to world class doctors anytime & anywhere - whether they have insurance or not!

Care delivered via a convenient subscription plan

  • Simple, low cost monthly plan
  • Covers the entire family
  • Unlimited usage
  • No fee per call
  • No need to coordinate with insurance

Why Telehealth?

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Saves Money

Average Cost of a Single Visit:

          • ER -                  $1500.00
          • Urgent Care -   $250.00
          • Doctor Office - $150.00

Average Annual HPP Subscription - $120.00

Saves Time

Average Wait Times for Traditional Care:

        • Doctor Appointment - 3 Weeks
        • ER -                              4 Hours
        • Urgent Care -               1 Hour

             Average Wait for HPP Video Call - 10 Minutes

Eliminates Hassles

Traditional Options Require You To:

          • Leave work to see the doctor
          • Sit in the ER overnight
          • Sit in a germy waiting room

HPP - Lets you call from your couch or the office

The HPP Telehealth Difference

The Telehealth Status Quo

  • Most telehealth is buried within a group’s plan
  • If members are aware of it, they aren't encouraged to use it
  • Average utilization of these programs hovers around 2%
  • Typical programs include deductibles and copays/coinsurance
  • Each call negatively counts towards the plan's claims experience
  • Over utilization can actually drive group health premiums up!

How HPP is different from all other telehealth providers?

  • We want every member to use our service!
  • HPP campaigns tirelessly year-round to engage members
  • HPP's goal - 100% utilization!
  • There are no deductibles, copay or coinsurance with our calls
  • We are decoupled from the group plan so plan claim loses are reduced
  • More utilization of HPP may actually drive group health premiums down!

In addition, every telehealth subscriber receives:

Smart watch


FREE StepUp™ smart fitness watch
• Our fitness watch with blood pressure, heart rate monitoring and more…
• Built-in rewards program to earn HealthPoints™
• $150 value

Crypto currency icon

Annual HealthPoints™ Rewards
• Points awarded for each year of membership
• A fun way to reward health behavior through the StepUp watch
• Points can be redeemed in our online healthy Marketplace

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