StepUp™ Primary Care

It’s time to Step Up to Primary Care Telehealth

Reimagined Primary Care with the most expansive and transformative primary care services for all American businesses

Employees get the same longstanding benefits of in-person care, but from their home of office or anywhere they have access to a mobile device or computer as part of a simple monthly subscription

Holistic Primary Care


  • Available in all 50 US states
  • U.S. board certified, NCQA credentialed providers
  • Choice of physician; change when necessary
  • Smart referrals from dedicated navigation team, 24X7X365 when in person care is needed
  • On demand chat 24x7 with the care team


  • Annual wellness visits with labs at no additional cost
  • Ongoing care of chronic conditions
  • Diagnosis, prescriptions, and management of common
    mental health conditions like anxiety and depression
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What We Treat

80% of primary care concerns can be diagnosed and managed without an in person visit

Chronic Care



High blood pressure

Crohn’s disease


Cystic Fibrosis


& more

Mental Health

Anxiety and Depression

Postpartum depression


Bipolar disorder


& more

Men's Health


Enlarged prostate

Genital herpes and warts


Sexual health

& more

Women’s Health

Birth control

UTI/bladder and vaginal infection

low sex drive

hot flashes

& more

Common Illness or injury

Flu, fever, sore throat, cough, colds and sinus infections

Headaches, migraines

Pink eye, earache

Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea

Skin infections, hives and

Bug bites and stings

Strains and sprains; cuts,
abrasions and burns

& more

 Live video conferencing

 Treatment for up to 80% of all medical issues

 Prescriptions available as needed

 Coverage for the whole family

 Annual subscription for less than a single office visit

Ages 18 - 49


Without a PCP


Without a PCP
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