StepUp™ Digital Therapy

Is it the stigma? The money? The time? Mental health shouldn’t feel out of reach. We provide online and mobile tools to help members conquer the day-to-day struggles around general stressors like anxiety and depression, or specific troubles like relationships and addiction.

A 24/7 Digital Solution.

StepUp Digital Thereapy is a convenient online behavioral health solution. A private, stigma-free way to manage mental health. No stigma means more utilization - our digital therapy solution improves outcomes and mental well-being. Happy employees means increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and improved presenteeism. This low-cost, high-value benefit brings your telehealth package to the next level.

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How it Works

Whether members are working with a therapist or seeking help on their own, they can develop a personalized course based on their specific mental health needs as part of a low-cost subscription

StepUp Digital Therapy is a self-guided tool, consisting of educational and interactive modules, practice tools, journals and progress measures. Our self-help option allows members to move through the courses at their own pace, when they’re feeling down or just need encouragement.


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