Real-time, at-home medical testing and diagnostics that revolutionize the way doctors treat patients virtually. Now shipping.


HomeLab is a suite of Bluetooth-connected devices medical testing devices that transmit results to our providers in real time via the HealthPoint Plus app, enabling a new level of telehealth services and diagnoses not previously possible. 

Enable real-time testing and results just prior to the telehealth visit.

Breaking new ground in telehealth.

With HomeLab, patients can test their vitals in-real time, just before they see a doctor - all from the comfort of their home or office. The doctor can then use this data right away for a more accurate diagnosis and better overall understanding of the patient's needs.

Holistic care backed by real testing.

Testing is easy for patients with our guided pre-visit diagnostics. From blood pressure, pulse oxygenation, and ECG, to our digital stethoscope, urinalysis, and fetal doppler devices, patients and doctors can work together to enable better diagnosis and treatment via telehealth better than ever before.

Customizable Rollout

Need a result we don't test? The HealthPoint Plus StepUp HomeLab can be integrated with any number of our in-house or 3rd-party Bluetooth-enabled medical devices on the market, so HealthPoint Plus is able to customize a solution to you or your organization's needs.


Supercharging the telehealth visit for 2021.

Real-time results enable immediate and more thorough diagnosis and treatment. Doctors have a more holistic view of the patient much like an in-person visit, and patients can track their results historically and see if their health is trending in a positive, or negative, direction.


Reserve HomeLab for you or your members.

Current members can receive a HomeLab for an additional $19.95 per month, on a two-year commitment. For organizations interested in supplying HomeLab to their employees or partners, contact us at homelab@healthpointplus.com for customized pricing and equipment.

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