Subscription-based telehealth by HealthPoint Plus saves money — and time — for employers and their employees

Why Subscription Based Telehealth?

Subscription-based medicine disrupts conventional healthcare because it seriously simplifies how Americans pay for healthcare--essentially by taking the insurance companies out of the equation.

With the current model, each pay-per-visit to a doctor, urgent care, or ER contributes to higher premiums; not to mention ever increasing out-of-pocket expenses.

In contrast, with subscription-based medicine, you pay a low fixed monthly fee for primary medical care.

  • No deductibles
  • No co-pays
  • No reimbursement hassles
  • No premium increases

In contrast, telehealth embedded with health plans is ineffective

  • While 80% or more employers “offer” telemedicine through their insurance plans, most are INEFFECTIVE – employee uptake hovers around a dismal 5%
  • The biggest barrier: With $50 or more per visit fee; employees simply don’t use it
  • Each visit still adds a full-visit fee to employers’ claims cost that drives up the premiums
  • Most employees are unaware of the benefit due to poor or non-existent engagement best practices

Our Pledge

You’ll save money using our service or the service is free!

Employers may take a chance on a program based on an expectation…a hope of savings or improved outcomes, but will they stick with it if they can’t see measurable improvements?

Utilization is the Key

For every 100 employees, the cost savings from 17% utilization is enough to fully off-set the cost of the program. We’re so confident in our services, that we’ll guarantee 25% utilization - while striving to hit 100%.

How it works
At the conclusion of 12 months of service, we’ll look back at your utilization. For every 100 employees, we guarantee at least 25 visits. If we don’t achieve the 25 visits, we’ll credit your invoice for the following year in an amount equal to every visit missed.

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What is the Value for Your Type of Business?

Self Insured Employers

  • Every dollar spent on healthcare comes directly out of your pocket
  • If we can re-direct just 1 visit from a medical provider, the savings is more than enough to pay for our subscription - for the entire year!
    • That is a direct and measurable savings
  • The more employees use our service, the more money you save.
  • Employees save on out-of-pocket expenses

Fully Insured Employers

  • Traditional visits (even telehealth that comes with your plan) count towards your claims experience and increase premiums
  • Visits with our providers do not count towards your claims loss.  In fact - the more our service is used, the more we can help lower your premium
  • Employees save on out-of-pocket expenses

Small Employers

  • If you don't offer health insurance, this is an excellent low-cost employee benefit
  • Small employer plans often include high deductibles with an HRA
    • Every HRA dollar spent comes directly out of your pocket
    • The more our service is used, the less likely employees are to ever tap into HRA funds
    • That's a direct and measurable savings
  • Regardless of plan design, employees save on out-of-pocket expenses

Employees Love It Too

Improve satisfaction and retention with a great new benefit

  • Lowers out-of-pocket costs—especially for employees with high deductibles
    • No Deductible
    • No Copays
    • No Coinsurance
  • The convenience of 24x7x365 care from the comfort and privacy of their home or office – even in the middle of the night
  • No need to use sick or vacation time to go to the doctor
  • Lower stress and improved wellness = happier and more productive employees
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