Talk to a doctor 24/7 with HealthPoint Plus.

Which Plan is right for you?


Which Plan is right for you?


Powerful benefits and savings for you and your employees.

HealthPoint Plus is an indispensable, service that is available to use with or without insurance. It offers easy access to doctors and nurses, discounts on a range of vision and dental services, prescription drug savings, legal advice and much more. Best of all, HealthPoint Plus helps keep your premiums down by reducing ER visits and insurance claims.

How does HealthPoint Plus work?

HealthPoint Plus is a refreshing, new approach to healthcare services that works with or without insurance. Our goal is to provide an easier path to diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of symptoms as well as savings on out-of-control drug prices and medical procedures. All of these benefits and services act as a safety net, cutting down on routine office visits for preventative care, ER visits for unsure patients, and more.

Our plan offers access to doctors and nurses anytime and anywhere with no copays, discounts on a range of specialty services such as vision and dental, prescription drug savings, legal advice and more.


HealthPoint Plus. It’s healthcare, reinvented.


Easy, affordable, and powerful benefits for your employees and their families.

Inquire today to get a quote for your business. Pricing varies by business size and location, but the average small to moderate business pays around $15 per employee, per month.

 HealthPoint Plus + Dental


You and up to 4 dependents.

  • 24/7 unlimited Teladoc
  • 24/7 unlimited NurseLine
  • On-demand Personal Health Advisor
  • Discount prescription medicines
  • Medical Bill Negotiator
  • Dental Discount Plan  Learn More


  • Between my kids and our dental visits, we end up hurting when the family needs to visit and sticker shock sets in. My insurance stops covering costs after the first $1000 each year which leaves us in a tough spot even for routine cleanings and fillings. A friend had recommended this membership earlier in the year  and I was able to save $2200 this year using our membership and dental plan through HealthPoint Plus, and it's now an invaluable tool for our family's health (and savings!!). Thanks again!

    Bill H. Gloucester, MA
  • You guys should do a referral program or something! I can't stop talking about my membership ever since I realized how much it had been taking off my monthly prescriptions between my husband and I, even on top of our insurance's coverage. It is truly nuts what some of these companies charge for certain medications so every bit helps.

    Robin M. St. Petersburg, FL
  • I was quoted $1700 for a root canal even with my dental insurance. I was surprised to find that my HealthPoint Plus membership cut it down to $675! I couldn't believe it - count me in as a member for life.

    Michelle L. Lynn, MA
  • I can't afford health insurance and wanted to write you because Healthpoint Plus has helped me tremendously. I was able to get my son's ear infection diagnosed via Teladoc, medication was prescribed to my local Walgreen's and I ended up saving $51 by showing my card. Thank you so much for restoring my hope in healthcare!

    Rich T. Boxford, MA

A doctor in your pocket.


24/7 on-demand access by phone or video chat to doctors who can diagnose, advise, and even prescribe when medically necessary. With no cost per visit, it’s like having a doctor in your pocket.

A prescription deal hunter.


HealthPoint Plus members save 10-85% on most medications at most major pharmacies nationwide, no insurance required or strings attached.


A personal negotiator.


Get help dealing with past or future medical bills with professional assistance for negotiating options, payment plans, and more in order to save money and ensure that you’re being treated fairly when it comes to complex medical billing systems and practices.

An on-demand nurse.


Speak directly to a registered nurse 24/7 for health information, education, support, and more.

A big help on special services.


Save 10-30% off eye exams, 20-60% off prescription eyewear, and savings on routine dental procedures like cleanings, x-rays, fillings, etc. Save 40-75% on MRI and CT scans when needed based on location, provider, and procedure.

A pocket counselor.


Telephonic EAP provides effective professional counseling and work/life support to help you cope with the ups and downs of life. Are you dealing with problems related to relationships, stress, or substance abuse. A simple phone call helps when you are dealing with depression, family conflicts, substance abuse, debt, or worry over finding services for your children or elderly parents.

With HealthPoint Plus by your side, you have time to focus on what matters to you.