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Subscription-based Telemedicine by HealthPoint Plus saves money — and time — for employers and their employees

We Bring The Doctor to You


With Telemedicine by HealthPoint Plus, you get access to world-class doctors and nurses anytime and anywhere,

whether you have insurance or not!


Why subscription-based medicine?

Subscription-based medicine, in contrast to pay-per visit, disrupts conventional healthcare because it seriously simplifies how Americans pay for healthcare--essentially by taking the insurance companies out of the equation.

With the current model, like your auto-insurance premium which increases with each accident, each pay-per-visit to a doctor, urgent care, or ER contributes to higher premiums; not to mention the ever increasing out-of-pocket expenses.

In contrast, with subscription-based medicine, you pay a fixed monthly fee for primary medical care. 

  • No co-pays 
  • No reimbursement hassles
  • No premium increases

Employers benefit from subscription-based telemedicine

  • $0 visit fee subscription lowers claims cost by positive redirection from ER, urgent care, or primary care
  • Lowers medical consumption (MLR) by redirecting employees from high-cost ER and urgent care to $0 fee visits
  • No reimbursement hassles with carriers or providers
  • Lowers absenteeism and increases retention with happier employees

Employees benefit from subscription-based telemedicine too

  • $0 visit fee subscription lowers out-of-pocket costs—especially for employees with high deductibles
  • The convenience of 24x7x365 telemedicine from the comfort and privacy of their home or office – even in the middle of the night
  • Peace of mind from no reimbursement worries
  • Lowers stress; improves wellness

In contrast, Telemedicine embedded with insurance plans is ineffective

  • While 80% or more employers “offer” telemedicine through their insurance plans, most are INEFFECTIVE – employee uptake hovers around a dismal 5%
  • The biggest barrier: With $50 or more per visit fee; employees simply don’t use it
  • Each visit still adds a full-visit fee to employers’ claims cost that drives up the premiums
  • Most employees are unaware of the benefit due to poor or non-existent engagement best practices

Let's Do the Numbers

A 100-employee business saves $31,550 per year, if only 20% of members use Telemedicine instead of conventional doctor visits

Without Telemedicine by HealthPoint Plus

  • Average brick-and-mortar visit fee: $211
    • (Avg.  primary care doctor visit cost=$200)    Source
    • (Avg. nonthreatening urgent care visit cost=$222)   Source 
  • Average family size: 2.58 persons Source
  • Average number of doctor visits per year per person: 4   Source
  • Average number of doctor visits per family per year: 4*2.58=10.32
  • Average number of visits for 100 employees:10.32*100=1032
  • Average doctor visits cost for 100 employees per year=1032*$211=$217,752

With Telemedicine by HealthPoint Plus

  • Unlimited $0 visit fee family subscription plan fee: $10 per employee per month (PEPM)
  • Annual subscription fee for 100 employees=$10*12*100= $12,000
  • Gross annual savings from just 20% of 1,032 visits positively redirected to telemedicine=1032*0.20*$211= $43,550
  • Net savings (gross savings – subscription fee)=$43,550-$12,000= $31,550

Additional savings with added Convenience

  • Savings would be much higher if the numbers accounted for savings from positive redirection of visits from the emergency room (ER) to telemedicine.
  • While the savings from positive redirection are impressive, the convenience-–and time savings—from using telemedicine are equally impressive. They contribute immensely to happier and more productive workforce

How cost savings help each employer type

Self-funded Employers

  • Savings flow directly to the bottom line
  • Help reduce employee premiums
  • Employees save on out-of-pocket expenses

Fully insured Employers

  • Savings help reduce the MLR which helps reduce carrier premiums
  • Employees save on out-of-pocket expenses

Small Employers

  • If you don’t offer health insurance, this is an excellent low-cost employee benefit
  • Small businesses are community rated, premiums unaffected by lower MLR
  • Can lower premiums with proper HRA-based plan design
  • Regardless, employees save on out-of-pocket expenses

Telemedicine by HealthPoint Plus

Convenient. Affordable. Disruptive.

With Telemedicine by HealthPoint Plus, you get access toworld-class doctors ever increasing out-of-pocket costs resulting from the emergency room (ER) and urgent care—and even primary care-–visits. and nurses anytime and anywhere, —whether you offer your employees health insurance or not!

  • Convenient VIDEO CHAT with world-class doctors 24x7x365 from the comfort of their home or office 
  • A low-cost subscription plan--less than 50 cents a day--for the whole family

Don’t let unpaid medical bills—a leading cause—trigger financial bankruptcies for your members

  • Reduce stress from physical and financial health anxiety
  • Lower absenteeism from convenient, anytime access

In Addition to Telemedicine, Each Subscriber Gets

FREE StepUp® Smart Fitness Watch

  • The Ultimate Fitness Watch with Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and more health monitoring
  • Built-in rewards program to earn HealthPoints™
  • $150 value!

Up to $25 in HealthPoints®

  • HealthPoints are a fun and rewarding way to earn benefits from using the StepUp watch
  • Points can be used in our evolving online marketplace for:
  • Vitamins
  • Sporting goods
  • Health-related gift cards

Did you know?
Common Health Issues Telemedicine by HealthPoint Plus Can Address

  • Up to 70% of health issues can be solved by video chat or a phone call
  • Over 40 common ailments can be handled by our on-demand virtual doctors from the comfort of your home or office?

For minor health concerns, you don’t have to wait in an emergency room or urgent care center for diagnosis and treatment. Our highly qualified team of medical providers can evaluate common conditions like these; and send a prescription to your pharmacy, if medically necessary.

Abdominal Pain/Cramps
Acid Reflux
Blood Pressure issues
Bowel/Digestive issues

Eye Infection/Irritation

Joint Pain/Swelling
Pink eye
Poison Ivy/Oak
Respiratory infection

Skin Injury
Sore throat
Sprains & Strains
Vaginal/menstrual issues
Yeast infection

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