DataPath partners with HealthPoint Plus to offer healthcare consumers telemedicine options

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LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS (October 8, 2019) – DataPath, Inc., a leading developer of technology solutions for employer-sponsored benefits administration, announced an agreement to add HealthPoint Plus telehealth services to its cloud-based Summit platform. HealthPoint Plus is a subscription-based service that provides unlimited monthly access to live doctors for participants and their families via video conferencing right from their mobile device.

“Adding HealthPoint Plus to Summit is huge for employers and participants,” says Greg Licata, Chief Product Officer at DataPath. “A routine visit to the doctor is time-consuming, disruptive to a family, and can cost hundreds of dollars. Employers that offer this service can lower their total claims costs through their group carrier. Participants save by trimming out-of-pocket costs, and they get unmatched convenience. With Summit, our TPA clients can build employer plans with the service included, or participants can pay to use the service with their FSA or HSA benefits.”

Through the mobile app, participants can access HealthPoint Plus to talk to a physician about non-emergency conditions. Common conditions include abdominal pain, allergies, cold, fever, headaches, pink eye, sprains, and strains, among others. In addition, HealthPoint Plus offers an included StepUP™ fitness-tracker smart watch and rewards system. Participants can use the service with or without health insurance.

HealthPoint Plus provides access to over 4,000 licensed doctors across the nation. The company estimates that telehealth can save families an average of nearly two thousand dollars a year over using urgent care.

Robert Goddard, Chief Executive Officer at HealthPoint Plus, states, “Our partnership with DataPath represents a new milestone in our mission to provide cost saving solutions to both large and small businesses. The ability of HealthPoint Plus to create positive redirection of minor urgent care health services to a highly-convenient and high-quality telehealth experience will not only save valuable healthcare dollars but provide a superior patient experience.”

About DataPath: Founded in 1984, DataPath is the longest running software company in the consumer directed healthcare industry. Summit is the industry’s only cloud-based platform designed for seamless CDH account and COBRA benefits administration. Learn more at

About HealthPoint Plus: HealthPoint Plus, Inc. is disrupting how 90+ million Americans access primary care with subscription-based medicine. Telehealth empowers anyone to video chat with world-class doctors 24x7x365 to instantly get help from the convenience of their home or office for less than 35 cents a day.

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