Uninsured And Want To See A Doctor? With HealthPoint Plus…

  • You Won’t Spend a lot of money! Monthly & Annual Plans to Choose From!
  • We Bring the Doctor To You via your Smart Phone, Tablet or Laptop Though Video Teleconference!
  • Great for Self or Part Time Employed Individuals
  • Late Night Virtual Visits Without Leaving Your Home For You And Your Children
  • Get The Ultimate In Convenience!
  • Includes Five Family Dependents
  • Many More Benefits below

Purchase the Annual Plan and Save Up To $40 Per Year!

Imagine This…

You or your child wake up one morning with cold-like symptoms. You don’t have the time to take off of work, but you need care now.

What can you do?


Save time and money with 24/7 access to a doctor by phone or online video today!

One of the benefits included in this program is Telemedicine, giving you 24/7 access to doctors by phone or online video. Doctors will provide a diagnosis, treatment options and even write you a prescription, if medically necessary. You’ll save time and money by avoiding crowded waiting rooms in the doctor’s office, urgent care clinic or ER.

Just use your phone, computer, smartphone or tablet to get a quick diagnosis by a U.S. licensed physician.


Feel better now! 24/7 access to a doctor is only a call or click away with no per visit fee!

Vision (Optional)

Your eyes are the windows to your health.  Save 10% – 60% on glasses, contacts, laser surgery, exams and more.


Don’t pay full price!  Save 10% to 85% on most prescriptions at thousands of pharmacies.

Dental (Optional)

Smile brighter with big savings on dental services such as cleanings, X-rays and crowns.

Medical Bill Saver™️

Experts who know the ins and outs of billing practices will attempt to negotiate a reduction in your out of pocket medical expenses.

Diabetic Supplies

Diabetes can be hard to manage big savings on supplies can make life easier.

Health Advocacy

Your lifeline for healthcare and insurance help.

Lab Testing

Know your numbers!  Help monitor your health with 10% to 80% off typical costs of routine lab work.


Rest assured – highly trained registered nurses are on-call 24/7 to answer your questions.

MRI & CT Scans

Save 40% to 75% on usual charges for MRI, CT Scans and more at thousands of credentialed radiology centers nationwide.

HealthPoint StepUp Smartwatch

The fast, easy way to get health information from an online resource you can trust.


The fast, easy way to get health information from an online resource you can trust.

The Time Is Now

Consider the expenses you and your family experience every year. We know you’ll enjoy these convenient benefits that can help you save money throughout the year for less than $20 per month.

Pay Annually and Save up to $40 Per Year!