Be a hero with StepUp Telehealth

Help your clients reduce healthcare costs and brighten employees’ lives with convenient access to medical care


Be a hero: the playbook.

We do not envy the challenges you face in matching your clients with the right benefits packages in the era of exponentially rising healthcare costs. But we offer you a weapon to fight this alarming trend to reduce your clients’ healthcare costs while reducing employees’ out-of-pocket expenses and brighten their lives with convenient access to medical care.

Outshine your competition and be a hero!

A groundbreaking subscription-based telehealth offering for less than 50 cents a day for the whole family with unlimited $0 fee visits

                         It works!

  • Works for your clients with or without health insurance plans
  • Works for large and small employer groups
  • Works with self-funded or fully insured health plans
  • Works with high-deductibles and high co-pay plans
  • Works beautifully with HRA, HSA, and FSA—pay for subscriptions with pre-tax dollars

Power of integrations

  • Our partnership brings the benefits of integration to your clients
  • Integrated and bundled into health insurance and other benefits
  • Integrated with leading tax-advantaged CDH platform
  • Integrated with HRA, HSA, and FSA plans

Retain control of your clients

  • Let us do the heavy lifting behind the scenes
  • No-hassle enrollment
  • Streamlined onboarding
  • Years-round engagement with members
  • Targeted emails with timely tips and newsletters
  • Dedicated Customer Success team
  • Quarterly utilization and ROI reports

Our pledge to you and your clients

Your clients will save money using our service or the service is free!

Employers may take a chance on a program based on an expectation…a hope of savings or improved outcomes, but will they stick with it if they can’t see measurable improvements?

Utilization is the Key

For every 100 employees, the cost savings from 17% utilization is enough to fully off-set the cost of the program. We’re so confident in our services, that we’ll guarantee 25% utilization - while striving to hit 100%.

How it works

At the conclusion of 12 months of service, we’ll look back at your client's utilization. For every 100 employees, we guarantee at least 25 visits. If we don’t achieve the 25 visits, we’ll credit their invoice for the following year in an amount equal to every visit missed.

StepUp to telehealth by HealthPoint Plus.

Convenient. Affordable. Disruptive.

Your clients and their employees get access to world-class doctors and nurses anytime, anywhere from the convenience of their workplace or home, whether they have insurance or not!

  • Convenient video chat with world-class doctors 24/7/365
  • Affordable low-cost subscription plan 
  • Whole family included
  • Unlimited $0 fee visits


Did you know?
70% of health issues can be diagnosed and treated via telehealth.

  • Up to 70% of health issues can be solved by video chat or a phone call
  • Over 40 common ailments can be handled by our on-demand virtual doctors from the comfort of your home or office?

For minor health concerns, you don’t have to wait in an emergency room or urgent care center for diagnosis and treatment. Our highly qualified team of medical providers can evaluate common conditions like these; and send a prescription to your pharmacy, if medically necessary.

Abdominal Pain/Cramps
Acid Reflux
Blood Pressure issues
Bowel/Digestive issues

Joint Pain/Swelling
Pink eye
Poison Ivy/Oak
Respiratory infection

Eye Infection/Irritation

Skin Injury
Sore throat
Sprains & Strains
Vaginal/menstrual issues
Yeast infection

The StepUp Smartwatch, free for every subscriber.


Free with each subscription, our fitness watch tracks blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and more. Plus, with our built-in rewards program you'll earn HealthPoints as you stay fit.

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